Carbon fiber bike wheels and headset buy

Carbon fiber bike wheels and headset buying guide

After selecting the frame fork, the way to choose what headset, headset connection frame and fork, turn the front of the responsibility at the time of purchase, try to choose the formula Peilin bowl group (responsible for the rotation of the bearing and seal integrated type non-visible balls open), durable, feeling than bead profile

To smooth a lot, more than ten dollars such as VP A71 headset bead profile with vehicle or let it go ...... more professional brand headset Cane Creek (gecko), VP (select it compare advanced Perlin style), FSA, etc.

Luxury just use HOPE, of course, a thousand or so of Chris King, bowls group fantasy products, prices generally bowl group and not too high, it is easy to use 100 yuan. I do not recommend to buy some small brands bowl group, better than cheap and quality is not big

Guaranteed a period of time there will be noise, and, selling very cheap on the market do not buy Chris King headset, are fake goods, a genuine new Chris King headset should be a minimum of 800 yuan online there are many ways to distinguish between true and false Chris King headset, I

Now teach you a simple:

Finally, according to the type of frame head pipe, select the external headset or built-in headset.

Then consider wheels, mountain bike wheel set I recommend self, that is, buy a single hub, spokes and rim assembly, because the cross-country time, there will inevitably be damaged wheel components of the accident, and once finished wheels a component problem, in addition to the licensed agents, the very

Difficult to find a suitable replacement parts for, or even seek to find agents provides warranty, it will take some time, as with the self round with the bad exchange was convenient.
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