Carbon fiber bicycle hubs Buying Guide

Carbon fiber bicycle hubs Buying Guide
Said first hub, generally ball-type bearings and two, ball-type multi-product company for Japan's Shimano, Shimano will use the basic rotating parts scattered beads as a way of bearing, from low-end civilian car parts to the top XTR, DURA ACE, when the loose beads rotation Shimano

Flag, loose beads Drum force uniform, easy maintenance, but disassembly and reloading debugging more trouble, if there must be loosened immediately tightened, otherwise axle gear by the impact will become fatal injuries. Use one ball bearing type directly into the hub, the radial force that is very good but axially

Force is weak, easy to debug, and Taiwan brand in Europe and America is now a mainstream product.

Drum choice, the low-end, I suggest if you are Shimano, then use XT (XT does not mean bad, just XT hubs are cheaper, after all, is Shimano's top-order product), since prices from DEORE Shimano hub , SLX XT to the price difference is not much

(Level Shimano mountain kit from low to high was ALTUS, ACERA, ALIVIO, DEORE, SLX, XT, XTR, LX series of new products which have been classified as a station wagon kit, HONE and SAINT heavy vehicles to use), a XT hub for more than 300 yuan can buy

. Bearing the words, Taiwan Yu long entry options, 400 yuan, cost is also high. If it is high, a bead profile on XTR (I am currently using XTR M960 hubs, invincible run of 1,600 yuan), seen from here, also the author of a small trench, bearing selection of high-end goods

It too well, HOPE, DT (190,240), Chris King, White Induetries, Extralite, Tune, FRM ... as long as the budget is adequate, it would be on it. But if not off-road, select sound number (preceded explain) hubs slightly less, so can be obtained

Run the higher degrees.
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