Carbon fiber bicycle rims buying guide

Carbon fiber bicycle rims buying guide
Then the wheels, the first based on the type of brake, if the brake with V V must choose a side rim brake, the disc does not matter, but again, the overall sense of order, please select disc special ring. Low-end but durable, ALEX DH19,60 around a lot of people and then, a little bit better

, Sun Ringle (sun) of Black eye, less than 100 yuan a, is a good choice.

Then the more expensive, Mavic 317, probably less than 200 is a good choice, one of Mavic 317 rims are also very popular (note, Mavic 317 French-made label and low price substantially fake goods now basically Taiwan). These choices are mainly low-end car lift

For, if high, then it would use Mavic 717, DT X450, DT X425, 300-400 is a circle, with a minimum should Shimano XT hubs only appropriate, but also to this level, should also be considered with spokes the (we will discuss below). Then extravagant words, ZTR

About 355,600 a circle, the hub 1500 or less would not have considered.

Of particular note is the number of holes in the hub and the rim must correspond!
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