Carbon fiber bicycle spoke Buying Guide

Carbon fiber bicycle spoke Buying Guide

Do not ignore the spokes, spoke good wheel made out of either rigid or durability will be higher. If the low-end wheels (two wheels budget about 800 yuan or less), then use one yuan a Taiwan spokes can be, in the end, then, DT's Champion, 3 Yuan a high-end wheel

Group, Mavic 717 equivalent and above, it is preferable to use a DT spoke Sapim Revelution or Belgium, about 5 yuan a. Of course, there are more extravagant, DT spokes and Sapim the flat, twenty or thirty one, let your wheels made out to the store feeling product group round

As long as willing at present on the line ~

Also note that the length of the spokes must be appropriate, if it is online shopping, be sure to find out the rim and the hub of the selected need to match the length of the spokes which, if bought the wrong, Common Article Fortunately, if the high-end DT or Sapim that hundreds of dollars on wasted.
About knitting round, regardless of the selected low-end or high-end, be sure to find a good craft shop, so it was comfortable with the wheel.

Of course, if the pursuit of the finished wheel beautiful appearance, it can also choose low-end Mavic Crossride, DT 1800, until several thousand Mavic, DT, Fulcrum and Shimano's high-end goods. But I still do not recommend using low-end round finished, the effect is really no

Comparably priced self wheel well, of course, the high-end finished round is different.
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