Carbon fiber bicycle shift Kit Selection

Carbon fiber bicycle shift Kit Selection Guide
Then, it is the shift kit choices mentioned here will speed kit, refers to dental plate, flywheel, the front derailleur, rear derailleur, earmarked five parts. Currently the world's mountain bike gear kits are mainly manufactured by Shimano and Sram two companies, although occasionally you can see other small brands

Products, but the choice of when to try the two company's products (except tooth plate) as candidates.
Japan Shimano first said, mentioned earlier, it is currently available for Shimano XC car kit level from low to high in turn divided into ALTUS, ACERA, ALIVIO, DEORE, SLX, XT, XTR. If DIY vehicle, it is recommended to start thinking from DEORE level, DEORE following levels

The kit it is recommended to buy the vehicle, meaning little DIY.
The new kit supports up to 3x10 Shimano 30-speed ratio is choice, there are the traditional 3x9 and 2x10 systems, do not discuss the selection ratio, in full accordance with the actual needs of the individual may be. DEORE Kit (tooth plate, flywheel, the front derailleur, rear derailleur, DIP) about 1300

About yuan, SLX about 2,000 yuan, XT about 2,600 yuan, XTR will have to 7500 yuan (both the new DEORE M590, SLX M660, XT M780 and XTR M980). Price ratio kits account for about a third of the vehicle, to be consistent with other parts of the level. In the election

Optional kit when shifting, try not to be a difference of two or more parts to mix and match, for example, are used DEORE, rear derailleur suddenly last XTR, XT or kits to make do with a front derailleur ALIVIO so will cause a higher level of suite not play its best effect, compatibility

Problems may also occur (SRAM same).

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