Carbon fiber bicycle brake Buying Guide

Carbon fiber bicycle brake Buying Guide
Now, the main components of a DIY mountain bike have been selected from over, consider the next step on the brakes. Used on modern mountain bike brake member main V brake and disc brakes are two, many people in order to pursue appearance (playing more on its solid know very vulgar), choose low-end mechanical disc in this,

I strongly recommend that, in addition to mechanical disc brakes Avid (Sram brand) of BB7 (BB5 adjustability bad), the budget is sufficient to hydraulic disc brakes, the budget is not enough to use the V brake, if it is hard fork mountain or never off-road, then use the V brake it, feel good, easy to adjust and prepare

Dynamic effects competent enough to light off-road.

Start with V brakes, and here I only recommend Shimano, Avid because of soft. From the low-end M420 (M422) to high-end XTR series, Shimano V brake each section are very easy to use, with a good line if the tube and the inside can be adjusted to the perfect feel, M420 (M422)

About 100 yuan can buy a pair and XTR series will have the thousand or so (XTR series V brake switch points are rotated using a ball bearing, and the other series was friction), you can choose from low-end to high-end my next goal is to upgrade my hard fork mountain bike

Set of XTR M960 V-brake, 2003 style, I am a retro control. Due to mechanical brakes need to purchase another brake handle, so here I have several brief. My recommendation is the Shimano LX M571, very old style, but regardless of appearance or feel very good, price

Georgia 100 yuan, Taobao there are many, I put a pair of brake DX (and LX M571 very similar style, then for the BMX design) from 2003 to climb play, and later play street cars, now and then to the mountain, so for many years, it has been normal use. There 1990s XT M739, very classic

Style, now Taobao there are many. If you like Avid, then please try to choose higher-end models (I recommend more SD7), the low-end Avid brake handle, though cheap, but really very soft, no brake force.

Now that disc, it is recommended, if not off-road, or the budget is not sufficient to purchase the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes or hydraulic disc brakes disc, then use V brakes. In fact, the disc has been popularized
The mechanical disc brake to choose V brakes, hydraulic disc brakes and the brake and matching clip is no need to purchase another brake handle. Brand, then, Shimano and Avid's full line of products are very good, wash the road M series, Avid's E series, you can choose from 200+ began to brake they can afford

If high, then, in addition to the Shimano XT, XTR, Avid's ELIXIR CR, X0, etc., as well as Hope and Formula, Magura and other brands to choose from.
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