Carbon fiber bike minor firmware buying

Carbon fiber bike minor firmware buying guide

The rest is just a fixed member, said the first group.

Hard tail mountain bike cross straight to the main course, you can choose according to personal preferences to swallow, but it is not recommended to choose the curvature is too large and too long to swallow. Shoulder length and handlebar according to individual riding style and to decide, generally 560MM-620MM is the best, if you prefer to road riding,

Is shorter, then the off-road longer.

Stem, then, 80MM-100MM, + - 0-10 ° inclination is normal selection period hard tail mountain bike, according to the same physical condition and personal riding habits choose a longer stem for high-speed riding, while the more short stem able to obtain better control when off-road.

The horizontal and the vertical material, typically aluminum, carbon fiber and carbon fiber wrapped aluminum. The carbon-clad aluminum horizontal stem can be ignored, but the low price strength is poor, or to use aluminum or carbon on the whole.
Aluminum handlebar is mainly composed of aluminum alloy 6061, 7050 aluminum alloy and 7075 aluminum alloy manufacturing on aluminum models, the higher the value the greater hardness. 6061 aluminum alloy used in general to the more low-end cars, while 7050 and 7075 aluminum alloy thin wall may be able to get the weight

Than 6061 aluminum handlebar made out of light, the feeling will be more tough to use, but the price is high, generally used for high-end products. The aluminum group, the low-end, then, a lot of domestic or Taiwan brands can, if from the beginning of the end the choice, I would rather recommend Easton Companies

The product, which the company produced very famous bicycle aluminum alloy, but also the Chinese and to have high-end, from EA30 to EA70 series, can be selected according to the budget.
Carbon fiber use on the handlebar with big high-end goods, such as Raceface the Next SL, Truvativ's Noir, FSA's K-force, Ritchey's WCS or Easton's EC70, EC90, and so on, the quality of that arrayed it.
The horizontal stem choice is wide, according to the budget decision. Less budget, with a set of 100 would have no problem with a budget more than a thousand or even thousands of sets is also very interesting. Note the time of purchase, the caliber of the horizontal stem to correspond.
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