Carbon fiber bicycle tire buying guide

Carbon fiber bicycle tire buying guide

The main production company is the new Taiwan Kenda (KENDA), Japan's Matsushita (Panaracer, and Matsushita Electric a parent because the Matsushita Group founder Konosuke Matsushita enjoyed cycling), the German horse brand (Continental) ,French

Michelin and so on. By brand point of view, is the new high-end product line, called Maxxis (Mathis), and Bontrager (Trek's accessories brand) was built a large foundry.

Usually select 1.90-2.10 MTB tire size, according to riding road conditions may be, if it is recommended to choose pure road slicks, effort, and no teeth tire grainy. If for lightweight, optional folding tire.

First decide what the tube gas nozzle (determined by the rim holes), and then need to be in accordance with the tire size, tire size does not match the inside and outside can cause easily puncture (tire inner tube is too small compared with the size) or the tube can not be too broad load tire defects.

From top to bottom, is the new big fight and build their own brand logo tire is generally more expensive, in the end, then, Maxxis Series is a good choice, but also in the DIY most famous bicycle brand and its products are well suited for high-end cars . The horse brand, Panasonic and Michelin tire

Prices are usually higher (Michelin also has low-end products), assembled high-end cars to choose from. Do not tire and inner tube grade difference is too large, such as using top HOTS Michelin tires, inner tubes with a positive new $ 15, although can be used, but the quality gap is somewhat larger.

Then please buy a high-pressure flaps, tire protective pad with much stronger than the average of the apron, but not much money to spend.
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