Carbon fiber bicycle seat and the seat t

Carbon fiber bicycle seat and the seat tube Buying Guide
Then consider the seat and the seat tube, seat tube and frame to match the caliber, and as far as possible, and the same group of brands, so the overall feeling stronger. Similarly, aluminum, carbon fiber-based materials, including carbon, do not use.

Seat personal feelings to set it, like long-distance riding comfort and make the choice of thick cushion, like speed on the choice of a thinner cushion I do not recommend too much time, especially the boys! Everything. Large cushion brand Velo, WTB, Selle Italia, San

marco, Fizik and lightning, Trek and other branded products. If you want to buy very cheap, you can choose Velo, many brands are the company foundry cushion, the low price on WTB or Selle Itialia, San marco lower end models, the high-end there Selle

Itialia, San marco high-end products or Fizik full range of products. In short, the seat must be suited to their own! Whether or not big, be sure to choose a comfortable seat they think.

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