Foot carbon fiber bike buying guide

Foot carbon fiber bike buying guide
Foot worse, the more casual, but try to choose the bearing type (except with Shimano's words), durable, Wellgo series is good. Novice is not recommended to use self-locking, but also introduce self-locking pedal:
The so-called self-locking, is to foot and shoe lock together when unlocking foot twisted to both sides can be completed, you must purchase the corresponding lock shoe and foot (mountainous road lock lock shoes and shoe points, the foot is also true ), when the pedaling force will make it easier, and the car was feeling of oneness. The main mountain

To clipless pedals brand Wellgo, Shimano, Look, Crank Brothers and so on, the novice is not recommended to use self-locking!

All parts of a hard tail mountain bikes have completed basic options, short of the brake / shift inside and outside the line, it is recommended to select Taiwan Jagwire products, especially its Kevlar and Teflon-coated line pipe extension (black), Very Good with, a set of about 100 yuan, if the budget is not enough,

Its low-end product is good.
The rest, water bottle holder, taillights, stopwatch and other accessories to match according to their needs, it is recommended you install rear lights, rear lights 10 yuan rubber can, night riding safer.
Well, so far, the vehicle has been completed with
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