Cycling Considerations

To prevent the lower part of the discomfort caused by cyclists, we must pay attention to the following points: 1, the seat is too hard, can be used to make a soft foam seat condom on the seat, the seat of the lower portion to reduce friction. 2, adjust the seat height and angle. The seat is too high, cycling around the hips inevitable dislocation, will likely result in a lower portion of the scratch; upturned front seat, would be more likely to damage the lower part. 3, a long bike ride, pay attention to conversion riding position, the body's center of gravity has moved to prevent the lower part will focus on a point in time. 4, the beginning of the shift car ride, speed is not too fast, not too long time, to be the body to adapt and then accelerated and processing. 5, in cycling, it is found that the lower part will have symptoms, we must promptly investigate the cause, if the issues of the seat in question, to promptly eliminate or improve, and pay attention to rest, to eliminate the symptoms and then ride; if not eliminate the symptoms who should ask the doctor to the hospital for examination and treatment.
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