How to choose the right bike frame size?

1. buy a used sport bike, we must first pay attention to the size of the frame is suitable for the rider's body. Measuring the size of the frame, and is usually seat tube length as standard, long riser frame body length longer riser short frame for diminutive MM. Specific measurement method is: sitting in the seat, about two-foot placed on a pedal, the following legs can fall naturally put straight, so when the stampede foot height can have headroom extension.
2. General road bike frame size, mass production of a multi-brand frame size every 2 cm, while senior handmade frame of each brand was a centimeter size. In (large chainring) in the axis of the supremacy of the riser at the center, from a minimum of 47 cm to 62 cm large gradually, a total of 8 or 16 dimensions. We can use the following formula to choose their own road frame height dimensions: length × 0.65 = cross under the seat tube length
3. For the purposes of the mountain, is the (large chainring) in the center axis of the supremacy of the riser, a size every two inches, the size of the gap as the frame size, from 14 inches to 22 inches large gradually, a total of total 5 size. Due to the size of the mountain between big, it can not be calculated accurately measured to fit the rider's frame size, height can be chosen to approximate an appropriate frame riding. Beijing faces can buy the frame is usually 14-20 inches mainly for the rider to prevail height. A list of approximately as follows: the size of the frame image corresponding to the model 14 inches tall and 155 cm below the cup children 16 inches Jimen 155-170 cm 170-175 cm tree 17 inches 18 inches Yi-fu 175-180 cm rods brother 20 inches or more 180 cm or more
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