How to choose the right bike and the hor

In addition to the bicycle frame 1. Choose size must fit the body other than the Conference, the other two dimensions must be noted that the handle and handlebar. Professional handlebar referred to as "the cross"; handle professional called a "stem." The vertical length of the measurement arm and hand are generally lower arm 90 degrees, elbow against the front edge of the seat, then immediately after the middle finger from the edge of the web should be three fingers three fingers of half the distance. If the frame size for the body, then cut, through the use of long stem faucet (mostly in the length of 11-13 cm, each the size of a centimeter; if the frame size is slightly larger than the body cut, then choose a shorter stem faucet length (10-12 cm); if the frame size is slightly smaller than the body of the CD, then choose the stand mixer shorter lengths (14-16 cm); recommendation does not cover more than the size of personal preference, such as: Do you like playing car friends One can choose a small frame and stem.
2. In terms of road car to cross the width of the shoulder against the choice is to handle, both ends of the horizontal arm should be at the center of the upper arm and shoulder connection. The horizontal size is generally Beijing men make more use of the outer edge of the handle 42 to 45 centimeters (each the size of a centimeter). If properly size measurement is 42 cm, the advice may be the larger size 43 cm cross, so you can increase the standing pendulum flat road or uphill sprint car acceleration forces, while at the same taking into account the position of the low drag characteristics. Mountaineer sport utility vehicle in order to increase the rider's handling handle much wider than the width of the road car, more than the width of 56 cm and 58 cm in two sizes mainly used in the downhill race is dedicated grip width of 63 cm or more. A matter of opinion, what they want to buy a car friends.
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