How to choose the right bicycle frame ma

Bicycle frame is the soul of a good bike rack must meet light weight, strength enough steel high three conditions.
As vehicles biking course weight as light as possible, so only the more effort to ride faster; refers to the strength enough frame under high-intensity ride, there will be no bending fracture safety concerns; steel high refers to the frame to be hard enough, sometimes a steel frame difference may not have security concerns, but the ride up the frame power conduction is poor, so that the rider pedaling up in the car dragged the heavy feeling, even if the light is enough, enough strong steel frame but poor, the study is still a failed exercise bike. Framing materials in vehicles in the Beijing market, a good frame can meet the above criteria are: aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium and alloy steel four.
1. Aluminum:
A sense of belonging sensitive lightweight aluminum alloy, light weight, high rigidity, but also to convey the vibration response of each bit of ground, but slightly at the expense of comfort. Relatively inexpensive frame and a lot of style, is worth everybody varieties popular purchases.
2. Titanium: Titanium is very similar to the characteristics of the aluminum alloy and carbon fiber composite, which can have a similar elasticity carbon fibers can also be enjoyed as lightweight aluminum and steel. Due to its special point jump coefficient of expansion, resulting in the metal surface can not be painted, but fortunately titanium alloy difficult to corrosion, oxidation, color and unique charm. But its price is far behind the first two.
3. Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber characteristics: flexible, riding sense of stability, long-distance cruising sustained good sense, comfort high. The disadvantage is that the price is high, and the average life (factory date) only five or six years, even in the frame six years without any bump, and its chemical formula has been decomposed, Zhiqiu not recommended for continued use of the rider.

4. Steel material: steel is the most traditional bicycle frame material. Modern variety of alloy steels can be obtained on the steel, elasticity, transmission, stability, good results, the only drawback is the weight of the steel is defective, the weight is heavier than the number of materials. In general steel materials prices were relatively cheap, Giant Bora series is a typical representative. However, a good steel Meng Ge, Ge-Mo steel frame price is not cheap, non-alloy steel small street stalls to buy energy ratio.
Frame Material Summary: Zhiqiu here to remind riders that each of these materials have low hierarchy. Properties described herein are based on advanced product (that is, high value items) for the object, in the low-end products in the merits of the above can be said that does not exist. In addition, some products, though expensive, but because of the lack of material handling capabilities (for example: carbon fiber and titanium), manufacturers or bad frame geometry design, there may be a very good sense of riding products appear, any sum the material will have a good or bad rating, because landform choose, can not be generalized.
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