How to choose the functional requirement

The same as selecting a motor vehicle, the car suitable for urban, suv wild ride, srv good traveler, and so on. We just have to choose based on different road traveled in buying a bike, riding to meet different objectives, the needs of different riding environments. According to the current market varieties can be seen too, can be divided into the following types of vehicles:

First, the road Bike:

1. General Cycling: means any form can be used as vehicles on the road commuting. Usually cope with urban traffic safety requirements, certain speed limit on the road to my country laws and regulations (currently, law does not provide for cross-speed bike, but the provisions of the moped must be 20km or less, cf. execute it.) Travel , in fact, it is what we call "the shuttle bicycle." The additional safety and comfort features such as: bell, fenders, basket, rear bracket and so on.
2. Road Cycling (car): Specially designed for movement on the road racing vehicles. There reduce wind resistance recurved handle design, the thickness of the low resistance tire division, the transmission to adapt to the terrain, mostly low-drag streamlined frame, aerodynamic design wheels and ultra-lightweight frame material.
3. Competition (site) Cycling: designed specifically for time trial racing game car. At first glance similar shape and road car, but in fact there are many subtle differences, such as: front inclined beam design, racing half the arc, single market and so on. NOTE: road bike grade as prices vary widely, the pursuit of weight is very important, my generation is more choice.

Second, mountain bike (SUV) category:
1. Mountaineer sport utility vehicle (MONUTAIN RIDER): Zhiqiu my AXT740 mountaineering off-road vehicles are climbing against the ground surface or forest roads used by the influence of shape and unfit for difficult stunts, but more suitable for long-distance climbing collar. Since when in the form of process, the rider needs a little upper body leaning forward, in order to urging constantly accelerating or climbing situation, so the height of the frame can not be too high, so we choose the first frame consider individual height. Further, in order to climb the bumpy slopes, mountain sport utility vehicle with a front-mounted shock absorbers at the expense of flexibility and lightweight of the body, the rear frame is fixed rear rocker. In the transmission system, it is used front-transmission, respectively, common 18,21,24 segment Alternatively, to facilitate the acceleration and deceleration in different road conditions. The shift lever-type handle there and rotating two. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the traditional aspects of brake V-brake mountain, you can also use disc brakes, brake wheel with a dedicated frame to provide the most secure braking in emergency situations.
2. The SUV (FREE RIDER): NO.1 mountain horse knight SUV for different road conditions, whether it is Lindau, the riverbed, the road on the downhill which can easily shuttle. And can perform simple jumps, and is suitable for competition play vehicles. SUV with a front-and rear shock absorbers, has greatly improved the stability of the car or jumping with rough pavement. At the same time due to the shock absorber stroke is not long, so it is also advantageous to retain the function of climbing. In terms of the frame, respectively, Y-shaped skeleton and traditional diamond frame, and after the biggest feature is installed and rocker link suspension, anti-shock system will play the greatest features to accommodate any non paved road riding needs, with the road surface can withstand higher impact force characteristics. Appearance: easy to control body balance a flat-shaped handle, mast and high grip tread off-road tires, in order to increase tire affixed to the front to enhance control performance or suspension front and rear suspension design, as well as overcome the rugged undulating terrain height shifting device.
3. downhill off-road vehicles (DOWN HILL RIDER) downhill off-road vehicles are used in athletic competition. The following contests are the main slope, and the downhill race cycling race is the fastest, most rugged roads, in order to overcome such a difficult road, it has a huge SUV downhill sturdy appearance and wide and thick tires. Frame materials are special cause, including aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, high-carbon steel, chrome steel hoe, and composite materials to choose from. In the suspension system, generally up to 6 inches above the drive itinerary, in order to ensure affixed to the vehicle, downhill off-road vehicle after a wide range of shock absorbers, including a spring shock absorbers, pneumatic shock absorbers composite shock absorbers, etc., it is worth mentioning that the compound is a shock absorber with spring plus hydraulic pressure, the pressure can be adjusted up and down independently series advanced shock absorbers; and inverted front suspension system is based on shock absorbers, the shock absorber is mainly to bad roads and high-speed downhill will not affect the driver's control and set. In order to obtain the most favorable brake function, mostly using a hydraulic disc brakes.

The above classification is based on cycling performance to make a simple division, but not off-road vehicles can not be on the road, and the car at the tarmac road will be hanging halfway. Just to ride off-road vehicles on the road because of greater weight, absorbs shock absorbers pedaling power and limited capabilities of the resistance is relatively large, riding up effort. Just make appropriate modifications, the sport utility vehicle into a fixed front fork suspension fork, to the off-road tire tread shallow tires, off-road vehicles can also be suitable for travel or play on the road riding. NOTE: Mountaineer SUV is commonly known as mountain biking, stable quality, simple maintenance, free upgrade plenty of room for newcomers initial use.
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