How accurate the brakes?

Since the bike is in the high-speed running state, then it requires the braking system is as follows:
1, timely braking.

Timely braking is a safe and effective braking that brakes front and rear brake at the same time. remember! This is a crash after numerous previous lessons learned, but also our basic principles parking brake. If only the brake, and the car will be like draw dragons, but also pull the wheels from locking band; Anti

The only brake front brake, and the car people will be inertial effects will rear wheel lifted up, there may be forward somersault. In addition, the "left-hand brake front brake, rear right hand brake" is what we need in a timely manner to correct content. For reasons of security considerations, this rule only for right-handed people to

Say, left-handed and vice versa. Because: When the people in the high-speed riding (Ping Road, downhill) required when braking, the front and rear physiological causes of right-handed people brakes while braking moment, the right hand will first braking action after brake, left delay on the right-hand brake front brake, this brake effect

Fruit is good and stable. Conversely, brake moments before, super-fast easily overturn, very unsafe. Zhiqiu think rather should avoid skidding overturned. WHEREAS, the car brand on the market are in accordance with the factory "front right rear left" setting, so the normal (non-left-handed), the take

The first thing that should be replaced before and after the car brake brake set.

2, to prevent locking.
Now to explain prevented from locking, which is also very important. Because the wheels from locking when the bike difficult to control, and how it can be prevented from locking? Just listed first wheel lock factors: A, braking technology (people) B, rims C, brake shoes brake should be used when pumping

The method of effective braking, the rear brake pumping means immediately release the brake again, look at the car's anti-lock braking system (ABS) to understand, so the car can reduce the braking distance can be prevented from locking, which is You need more cycling, and more practice. Bottom line: what is not a snub

Under hug brake handle children metaphysics, it should be within the range of small efforts instant (within 1 second) to complete. Rims have a special coating to reduce friction when dry moderate, rainy day when time will have a greater friction than the other rim to ensure safety. Brake shoes is rubber requirements, to

But hard to have toughness (elastic), should be able to ensure that the brake is a small impact on its heat, toughness is used when the guarantor comfort.
3, rain prevent brake failure.

Often riding people know, ride out is sure to encounter rain, especially in the rain down, will feel a significant increase braking distance, it will increase the risk factor, and during braking the brake shoes and debris mixed friction rims of rims, the brake shoes have a certain loss of

Damage and impact. I had, an application designed for all-ceramic brakes V brake shoes in the rain down at once scrapped experience. Therefore, rain brake to avoid the outflow from measure distance, speed 30k least 15 meters earlier than usual into the braking state. Moreover, in this retention a Zhiqiu

People, Opinions: rain brake, front and rear brake is preferably carried out at the same time, less than Tathagata really, I'd rather earlier than the rear brake front brake, because the higher the chance of skidding in wet weather, rear rollover risk is greater.
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