Distance between the brake shoes and the

According to the "bicycle blog" is written: road and mountain brake (Shimano), except brake oil, are 1mm, this distance is sufficient to complete enough laps in the car flat enough to ensure that the situation did not pull round wear. This is the basic starting point to determine the value of the gap, the moving distance and handle it together as a brake

Based vehicle system design. However, my personal preference is to have some differences, like to remain in the gap is about 0.7 mm. Because Zhiqiu feel at the moment of braking, finger strength is from strong to weak; but also from the mechanical point of view, when the arm began to brake longer, in favor of resistance

The force is increased. - But Zhiqiu preferences not only concentrated in the vicinity of the optimum parameters, but also must be based on good rim shape based on the relatively uneven or easy long rims are not suitable for "narrow gap brake pad set." Please friends, according to their own vehicle, brake hard habit

Tailor debugging. In addition, uneven rims if appropriate amplification gap in muddy conditions in order to reduce the accumulation of sand should be appropriate to enlarge the gap. Ergonomic principles expounded gap adjustment result: the best is the most powerful, when the finger is pressed against the brake pad rim. This time the second finger

Section substantially at right angles to, feeling that can use energy.
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