How 'cool' car crashed

Case I: Zhiqiu Ring recumbent
After "Why do I always unlucky. I drank a bottle of beer in general habit rode fast, in the second ring side fairly spacious Voeux Road speeding. Suddenly, an electric three from the left across the bridge over the gap in together before and I instinctively pinched brake, but unfortunately came too fast a forward somersault, this is the second year in the fall back when the seven dirty eight elements, also along the edge of fall mm sit on the back of the head ...... For fists mouth curse, but one look at the electric car ride nearly sixty years old, apologetically, suddenly stopped life and life, wounding home. "
Case II: knife throwing playing fly package
"First Play car young, riding too fast. Finally once again, a winter 20:00 and more, in a way almost no street lights, speed, estimated at 30-35km / h, because this road is very familiar with, so the ride a little faster speed estimated at 30-35km / h. forget that in front of a pit, directly fly out, then the reaction pretty fast, with the right shoulder, the head by inertia touch the ground, but fortunately wearing a coat, a little body no matter, when a lot of uncle, aunt in his walk, a lot of people looking at me, quickly get up, could not find the car., looking forward, in front of their own about 7-8 meters, I do not know how he went to the car front to go. lift up the car, flying car body, flash people. at first I thought the car right, when the shift lever to the left of the shift was found broken, do not know how to fall. Since then only buy a helmet.
Case III: jacky danger
"Yesterday from a car parked on the roadside edge too, that car suddenly opened the door to the left, the jump scare me, I quickly hide a, almost no escape, or else non-car crash should not when I ride to work after 35. The speed that broke sPEED, hey, Zhou did not go to the suburbs and then ride a good car, quite stick Jingshun estimated eyes closed for a ride will not hit anything. last week I went to Miyun 190 km feel better, do not anxious than those cars with the city.
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