Carbon fiber road bike

This is a general sense of road vehicles, but also various types of road cycling race, such as the Tour de France, Giro, Central West and other protagonist of the game. It characterized by light weight, relatively slender frame and wheels, rear driver's body by comparison, in order to ensure the long-distance riding

Comfortable. 2 shift system commonly used before and after 10 or 11 speed settings to enable the driver to maintain a substantially constant cadence in different sections. Mountain bike wheels than large, specifications for the 700C (ie, 28-inch mountain bike wheel size 650C, or 26 inches). Standard road bike marching forward and downward bending of the belt wrapped around the handlebars. Hand-end transmission system and brake set aside some of the integrated design of the handlebar ends, the lower end of the frame is set, use 52T or more teeth disk drive. Multi-axis brake caliper using the braking force that the brake is not suitable for road bike riding conditions and tire grip. With most clipless pedals, since only run on the road so no damping (ie, the frame material itself and rely on elastic tires to damping, the effect is not very obvious, of course, there will still be differences between different materials) , the seat cushion is also based on the premise lightweight, comfort is not high.

Several hundred kilometers of iron three cars and a large group of different car race, time trial / triathlon race usually dozens of kilometers, requiring the driver in a relatively short period of time at a higher speed riding. Such vehicle characteristics are as follows: First, the handlebar using the "Quad" design, hand dial mounted in the middle of the top of the rest, while the brakes are mounted on both sides of the. Most of the time when the rider riding the arm rest on the upper body leaning forward, in order to ensure minimum drag
And save energy. Second, with respect to the large group of vehicles to pursue the idea of ​​a lightweight, TT cars pay more attention to the size of the drag of the pipe body is generally formed sheet-like structure, with integrated wheels, less wheel spokes, rims higher altitude, which is commonly known the "sword round", or even closed impeller wheel disc. Third, the riser angle is closer to the vertical than the large group of cars, so that the rider's body more forward.
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