Carbon fiber bike racing car site

Carbon fiber bike racing car site
And conventional road car, is designed for speed. Consistent with the basic frame type road car, currently mostly carbon fiber material; with a fully enclosed rear wheels
The weight ratio of the front wheel weight, to increase the centrifugal force and inertia. Handlebars and conventional road bikes are different, is bent forward at the top, there is no brake gear, single speed bicycle,
Only suitable for competition venues, the venue for the car cruising game, the pursuit of the ultimate lightweight and low drag. Entire brake system, transmission system is removed, handlebar width narrowed as much as possible. Flywheel and hub are fixed (that is often said that the "dead fly"), in order to achieve maximum transmission efficiency. The basic frame shape and a large group of cars, the current multi-use carbon fiber, the biggest difference is that the claw hook opening, space vehicles is a horizontal backward, large group / time / triathlon car is under oblique. Use closed rear wheels, the weight is larger than the front wheels to increase the centrifugal force and inertia.
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