Time Trial Road Bike (TT road)

Also called Chrono time trial or Crono, meaning "time" (race) divided to ITT (Individual Time Trial) individual time trial and TTT (Team Time Trial) Team Time Trial
This conventional car and road car is basically the same structure, just a little above the difference between handlebar, handlebar bend forward at the top
There can be put above the elbow soft care, and thus changed the position of the brake and shift DIP installation, of course, Shimano and Italian CP and other transmission company also produced a special TT shift DIP

This design allows the rider keep a low center of gravity and low resistance profile, thereby maintaining a better speed.
The nature of the game is racing, but shorter distance settings than conventional road bike race,
The number of single airline is relatively small, a person or five people each team counting.

Because of this position the rider should not be long-term (more tired) this additional money is not suitable for such a car cavalcade of disputes,
Handlebar shape and installation position of the brake is not suitable for transmission in the final sprint with opponents 1V1 contest.
Stood up force when it is difficult to control the transmission and brakes

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