Mountain bike over to the flat road vehi

In fact, the flat road car which is a conversion category, the main difference is in front of the handlebars and the bike is the same as the word,
DIP also shift and mountain bike style is very similar, it is earmarked specifically for the Japanese Shimano level of the road produced R prefix 9-speed systems or 10S
On the front and back parts of the road vehicle no difference.
This belongs to the recreational vehicles, suitable for tourism, good handling car than road riding, but also comfortable. And can also be placed in front of more accessory

And because the use of mountain bike thumbwheel, dental plate also will be changed to mountain bike 44/32 / 22T three-piece crankset (two mountainous crankset and front derailleur corresponding dip this is still a luxury, but can and two-piece crankset road and by supporting the corresponding DIP front derailleur is not much). In addition, in order to adapt to the road frame laid down line and three-piece crankset, front derailleur also with ordinary road car is not the same (ordinary road car dental plate, mostly two-piece). Some low-end level of the road vehicle (for example GIANT FCR 3100) and the V-brake road bike frame is not compatible with conventional C-shaped clip. Wheel side, there are two different options that speed or direction, like outing / commuter direction, and a large group of former vehicles, 20mm in width and about rims, tires and 700x18-25C, while the latter use the width of the car about 25mm circle (already XC with a rim as wide), and 700x28-32C tire (tire mountain bike that is 1-1 / 8 and 1-1 / 2 width, namely 1.125 or 1.5 inches). However 25mm width 700C rim is not easy to find, with the 20mm width of the tire rims 28C is also possible. In fact, as long as the 20mm wide rims allow frame and fork, but also can be stuffed under 35C of the tires, but I personally feel that security is not appropriate. In addition, other components and the same large group of cars.
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