Cyclo-Cross road vehicles off-road

Cyclo-Cross race called the road cross-country race, also known as mixed winter riding

Was first class sports competitions a bicycle rider in Europe in the winter in order to maintain their competitive state carried out. But with the growing popularity of the event, the UCI has now developed into professional events.
Cyclo-Cross race is not only the type of road race, which also has artificial barriers, such as wood, stairs and so on. There are many natural obstacles. The track is usually around 1.5-3 km circular track, about 80% of the cycling stage and about 20% of the implementation stage. Cyclo-Cross Mixed winter cross-country running elements, high physical demands. Perfect track includes laying off track and unpaved track through nature, depending on the age of participants, ranging from 30-75 minutes for the game.
Cyclo-Cross race and XC race that is close to a maintenance area, the driver can accept in the maintenance area of ​​the vehicle repair and replacement services.
Cyclo-Cross race generally do not use electronic timing equipment, but shall be calculated ride turns riders within the time, if the same number of laps, press into order by the end of the ranking.
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