Carbon fiber mountain bike Profile

Mainstream road cars to those general style I say, some very bizarre frame factory design looked nothing like road vehicles, mainly to meet the personal needs of personalized modification, are customized products, non-production. However, the frame of the assembled parts of these vehicles is still being used.

Next comes MTB perhaps I personally prefer mountain biking, we introduce some of emphasis, Oh forgive me you
Mountain bike is designed for off-road (hills, trails, wilderness sand and gravel road, etc.) designed for walking bike
1977 was born in the US West Coast in San Francisco. At that time, a group interested in riding a bike on the beach having fun Young hillside, whim: \ "if you can ride a bike hurtling down from the mountains, some very interesting \." So they began to design and manufacture of off-road bike formal. Mountain biking is named after two years in business. Although the bike began in Europe, but the mountain bike was invented by an American sweep conventional bicycle concept, a new wave of wind all over the world.

Although in 1977 the Americans created the mountain bike, but in my mind, mountain biking should enter the Chinese market in the late 1980s things, I remember around that time some people suddenly start riding one kind of straight handlebars the bike has a very thick tires, the feeling that the car is really cool, but the price is expensive ah, when the mountain bike or even have close to 1000 more than 1000 of it, I think this is not the average family can afford played. The early mountain bikes are steel frame, shock-absorbing front fork are rare. Including the rims are steel. Only 56-speed transmission (flywheel 5 or 6), and generally only two front teeth tray. American "name" and the Shenzhen joint venture should be regarded as mountain bike Amini early entry into the Chinese market, brand mountain bike. At that time, the car, although heavy, but the quality is good, and just like today's "new car class" than not, ah, I guess now have a time machine, just take an ordinary mountain bike 78 students to one hundred of the era, so that everyone can eyeball out of the ground - wow, this car is also too light matter, this shift really advanced ah, actually there are seven behind the flywheel, too NB car ~! ! !

At that time, the transmission gear parts compared with the current is too simple, but excellent quality parts. SIS shifting is not positioned just above the handle of the two dial, a front shift control, a control back. Has been transferred by hand to pull the transmission lever until you feel the flywheel or roulette no abnormal sound, that is, the shift is complete. SIS are now positioning gear, both road bike or mountain bike is a finger poke to complete a shift

Before transmission completely dependent on imports, not like now, a lot of Chinese middle and low parts already built (OEM). Unfortunately ..... nothing but a few years before the project, the street began filled with a variety of "Mountain Bike" mountain bike prices have been declining, not to mention the quality and grade of domestic first ...... there has been no good manufacturers a decent sport bike, then there is to increase market share, reduce costs, blind imitation, not on the streets everywhere grade imitation, in addition to sports car look and a real sense of a few similar points, no one else really can be used to engage in sports, if for the sake of your life, or do not easily take the low-end bikes do strenuous exercise. This situation until some Taiwanese brands such as GIANT Merida, such as production of high-end sports bike to enter the Chinese market only after the change, but also to promote more Taiwan as well as overseas and bicycle parts brands to enter the Chinese market, over time, for high-end bicycles awareness reinforcing also promote more Chinese people began to play cycling, under individual needs, cycling gradually became fashion DIY assembly.

I can not find a very old mountain bike, looking for a full-suspension bike KONA early, so N cars are now considered classic cars, steel frame, 7-segment flywheel, the early Shimano STX Suite (formerly 8 flywheel has been very cattle X) KONA but this is a classic shape, this style has been until now has depots in use, such as KONA mountain bike shock or such a structure.

This is pure titanium mountain bike KONA US in the early 1990s, when the front fork damping or rare thing ah
Personal feeling picture car or after a "post-modern parts" - modification, some products are not in the 1990s oh

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