Carbon fiber mountain bike species Intro

Book The True Story, on the back it said roughly like the origin and early MTB mountain bike, and now that it is the type of mountain bike. Mountain bike from the past, only one or two single shape,
To the current development needs for different sports derived from more than a dozen cars. It is also to meet the growing number of bicycle enthusiasts to open up a new sport, new ways.

Briefly mainstream mountain bike has the following forms, each of which represents a form substantially cars:

XC (Crosscountry), cross-country
AM (All mountain), all-terrain
FR (Freeride), Freeride
DH (Downhill), downhill

Other types of vehicles as well as for sports street trucks, cars climbing, BMX BMX, small-diameter wheel sports car (there are two kinds of folded and unfolded), 700C wagon.

MTB wheel diameter according to size can be divided into 20,24,26,29, and 650B are several.
Wheel diameter size refers to the diameter of the wheels. 26-inch wheel mountain is the most common size, and 26 mountain bike from the date of birth has been in existence for 30 years, basically 85 percent of the world's mountain bike riding is 26, and the size wheels to speed fast, nimble, and get strength for public recognition, wheel size mountain is the most widely used.
The 24 and 20-inch wheels are typically used stroller, and small folding bicycle stunt class models, such as 24th Street car, 20BMX BMX, climbing 20 inch car, 20 small folding.

29-inch is a recently popular wheel diameter, 29 cars than big wheels 26, and 700C road bike wheel diameter similar, but has a more stout tire. 29 group because there is a good passing ability, especially at the local riding with a drop of more than 26 easily by car and admired individual riding friends also reflect that there is no fast 26 speed, of course, it is to see personal habits.

As this size is intermediate between a 650B wheel diameter between 26 and 29, there is no widespread, too 26 small and 29 large that riders can focus 650B-sized cars, currently part of the brand have also developed a 650B MTB models
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