XC off-road vehicles

It is used to climbing sections from the bottom up to lightweight and high efficiency as the main purpose of this type of bike will sacrifice comfort for speed-based,
Because it is more designed for the race. Generally choose only load damping fork, do not use the frame with rear shock / vehicle look more slender,
Motocross is mainly win over climbing, downhill and not in order to pursue a more efficient posture while riding, the handle is relatively low. Choose a relatively narrow tires.
In order to achieve faster, in the middle of the tire tread to reduce as much as possible, leaving only the edge of the tire is located particles to increase the grip cornering. XC weight of the bicycle is usually 9-14 kg.
XC riding is the most common way for a bicycle ride. A typical XC terrain is generally considered to be more than climbing down the mountain, and does not include any bike stunt

Generally, we believe that after orthodox XC mountain bike with shock absorption system does not
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