XC Trail Bikes fully functional car

As the game difficulty increased year by year, more and more riders choose the car shock absorbers (rear shock absorber with frame)
This type of car design is the starting point for climbing can be both handling and comfort, as well as a certain speed when going downhill,
Usually short-stroke frame with lightweight rear shock absorbers, tires and a low proportion of coarse gear ratio.

Usually this type of vehicles in two versions

One is the style of most of the use of lightweight carbon fiber material, the main contest is available to athletes, the other is the pursuit of comfort and safety of the civilian models.
The latter is relatively better than those designed for the stability of some of the race cars, but also heavier, most of it with this version of the aluminum alloy material.
Whatever compared to lightweight XC off-road vehicles, or shock absorption car easier to control downhill.

The introduction of modern technology materials plus ultra of the manufacturing process, lightweight full-suspension bike to be done within 10 kg ~!
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