All-Mountain Bikes

Acronym AM, for some riders, they hope to frame a longer suspension travel, as well as downhill when good handling, All-Mountain Bikes is the car they want. Relatively thick tires, softer shock absorbers and brakes stronger brakes, which are designed to avoid unnecessary cycling accident,
In order to achieve cyclists can enjoy, fun. Some rugged land - or jump small distances is very suitable for this model,
But in the flat road ride it, nothing fun, after moving up and down to do to make your pedaling damping becomes very difficult. Such a car lot heavier than XC bikes, usually weighs between 14 kg to 16 kg. They have more cushioning, usually before and after use 150mm damping, high-end vehicles can also adjust the damping stroke. From Freeride cycling movement developed shock absorbers, can make this vehicle as the mountains and XC, downhill
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