Bicycle diverse design

Bicycle diverse design
The world's first truly practical bike appeared in the early 19th century. In 1817, German dries in Paris invented the bicycle with two wooden handlebar. Europeans quickly became the favored means of transport after the advent of the bicycle. Some 19th-century Europeans conceived the ideal bike FIG.
The early stages of the bicycle [3] invention, it is believed the greater wheel travel faster, two men riding a wheel is almost as tall as a man bike.
In the invention of the bicycle stage, some people do not put their own
Hands and feet hybrid bicycle
Hands and hybrid bikes (13)
 Two-wheeled vehicle designed to be placed before and after, but the two wheels made about placement, this bike is somewhat similar to the shape of a wheelchair.
In 2012, China had hands and feet hybrid fitness bike. While riding in the car, the driving force can push and pull the handlebars to get forward, to achieve the perfect combination of fitness and travel. As the role of push and pull the handlebars, riding, it can effectively exercise the waist, abdomen, legs, chest, arms and other muscles. Jian Shi Mei bike, hands and feet is a hybrid bike, not just a bike, or a fitness equipment, fitness equipment and the perfect unity of means of transport. It opened a new era in the history of cycling.
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