Cycling in Chinese history

Cycling in Chinese history
Qing Tongzhi seven years (1868) in November, Shanghai for the first time by the European shipped a few bicycles, people on the car feet tiptoes to lead the car and go amateur pastime entertaining means of transport.
Tongzhi thirteen years, French Mira shipped from Japan to Shanghai rickshaw input, this car is known as the "Oriental car" because yellow is called "rickshaw", a means of transport. Then the rise of the Shanghai rickshaw repair, rent, trafficking in manufacturing industry.
Emperor Guangxu eleven years (1885) after the British Jardine, Germany to Zen Chen, Kang Matheson Law and Business ceremony and bicycle parts as a "hardware sundries" entered Shanghai, the 19th century has been extensively market in Shanghai .
The original warn repair carriage, rickshaw with all students at twenty-three years Guangxu Location Shanghai Nanjing Road (now Nanjing Road) No. 604, opened with Chang car dealers, bicycles and spare parts management.
Guangxu 20 years, Shanghai has Huimin, Cao Shuntai other 67 dealership, sales rickshaws, horse and bicycle spare parts to sell with repair.
In 4 years (1915), Shanghai has nearly 20 bicycle shops. After World War I, post and telecommunications development, become the postman bike transportation, bicycle surge in demand, a number of urban areas and the newly opened bike shop, formed the old gate area (now Huangpu District) as the center of bicycle sales network .
Since the characteristics of the industry and labor cost factors, the past 15 years the global bicycle manufacturing industry to shift to China-based industrial manufacturing advantages of countries and regions. At present, China has become the world's largest bicycle production base, vehicle manufacturers, parts manufacturers reached more than 500, more than 700, the world's top five vendors in China are the main base.
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