Bike System Architecture

Bike System Architecture
25 frame parts, tires, pedals, brakes, chains and other bicycle, its basic components are indispensable. Wherein the frame is a bicycle frame, the weight of people and goods which it is subjected maximum. According to the working characteristics of the various components can be broadly divided into guide system, drive system, braking system:
1. The guidance system: the handlebar, fork, axle, wheel and other components. Cyclist can manipulate the handlebar to change direction and keep the body balanced.
2. drive (drive or walk) system: the pedals, bottom bracket, cranks, crank, chain, flywheel, the rear axle, rear-wheel and other components. Human foot pedal force is to rely on pedal through the crank, sprocket, chain, flywheel, rear axles and other parts of the drive, so that the bike to continue moving forward.
3. Brake System: It consists of brake components, the cyclist can always manipulate the brakes, slow down the traveling bicycle, suspended to ensure traffic safety.
In addition, for safety and aesthetics, as well as for practical purposes, it is also equipped with lights, stand, bell and other components.
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