Bicycle Parts

Bicycle Parts
Carbon fiber mountain bike frame
Carbon fiber mountain bike frame (4)
1. The basic structure of the frame member is constituted of a bicycle is the bicycle body frame and other components are also mounted directly or indirectly on the frame.
In the form of structural frame members are many, but in general can be divided into two categories: men's and women's chassis frame.
Since the bike is to rely on the body's own drivers and cyclists driving skills, the frame becomes withstand bike in motion generated by the impact load and whether comfort, safely carrying important body structure, chassis parts manufacturing precision the merits, will directly affect the ride is safe, stable, and light. Spokes are generally equal diameter, in order to reduce the gravity, there are formed at both ends of large, middle small adjustable spokes, as well as to reduce air resistance will be made flat spokes streamlined.
2. tire: min soft tires hard edge side tires two. Soft-sided wide cross-section tires, can all be wrapped around the tube, the ground area is relatively large, to fit a variety of road. Hard-edge tires, light weight, small size suitable for the ground running on a flat road, with a small resistance, the advantages of traveling light.
Tire tread on is to increase the friction with the ground. Mountain bike tire width particularly wide, deep tread is adapted to use off-road mountain.
3. The foot support member: a pedal member mounted on the left and right crank member axis, a translational force into the rotational force of the apparatus, when riding a bicycle, the pedal force is transmitted to the first pedal member and the pedal crank shafts, cranks, bottom bracket, chain, flywheel, the rear wheel is rotated, so that the bike forward. Therefore, the structure and specifications of the pedal member is appropriate, will directly affect the rider's foot put position is appropriate, the bicycle drive can proceed smoothly.
Foot: can be divided into integral and modular foot pedal. No matter what style must have a foot pedal surface must be safe and reliable, it has a non-slip performance, you can use rubber, plastic or metal materials. Foot must be flexible rotation.
4. The front fork member: a bicycle fork member is in the front part of the structure, with its upper end connected to the handle member, the frame member before the tube, with the lower end of the front axle member, the guide system consisting of a bicycle.
Rotation of the handlebar and fork can change the direction of the front wheels, has played a guiding role of the bicycle. In addition, it can also play the role of controlling a bicycle travel.
The forces of the front fork member of the genus cantilever nature, so the fork member must have sufficient strength and other properties.
5. Chain: chain, also known as car chain, roller chain, mounted on wheels and even flywheel. Its role is to pedal force is transmitted by the crank sprocket and the flywheel to the rear wheels to drive the bicycle forward.
Sprocket: high-strength steel with tensile force required to ensure that it reaches.
6. Flywheel: Within screwing flywheel fixed to the right end of the rear axle of the tool in the same plane with the sprocket wheel and is connected by a chain, constituting the bicycle drive system. From the structure can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage flywheel flywheel two categories.
Single-stage flywheel is also known as a single piece flywheel sprocket, mainly by the jacket, and the flat core block, extremely heavy, extremely heavy spring, washers, wire block a few balls and other parts. Its single-stage flywheel works: When the forward stepped on the foot, chain driven flywheel rotates forward, this time within the flywheel and extremely heavy phase containing the rotational force transmitted to the flywheel by extremely heavy core, the core and the rear axle drive the rear wheel, the bike advances.
When you stop pedaling movable pedals, chain and coat do not rotate, but still in the inertia wheel drive core rotated forward and extremely heavy, when the reverse stepped on the foot, jacket reverse rotation will accelerate jin slide, so that the "blah" sound more rapid. Multi-stage flywheel transmission is a bicycle is an important component.
Multi-stage flywheel is based on single-stage flywheel, adding a few slices flywheel sheet, in combination with sprocket shaft, composed of a variety of different transfer ratio, thus changing the speed of the bicycle.
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