May I ask how to use the carbon fiber pr

Because carbon fiber can not be too thin as glass fiber that can be woven into cloth criss-cross, only to all longitudinally aligned with the glue on the lining, so the real carbon fiber cloth only longitude not latitude, which is the difference between carbon fiber and fiberglass pole pole important symbol . Sometimes on the carbon fiber pole rod body can see some of the mesh pattern, it is offset by the resin lining up with fiberglass cloth obviously intertwined different.
Carbon fiber prepreg is through high pressure and temperature epoxy composite technology in carbon fiber.
Mainly to see the carbon fiber prepreg curing conditions inside the resin used. Usually carbon fibers are used to reinforce the epoxy resin, curing typically requires heating, you do not know your model aircraft can not afford, you should first find out the province's fixed-line material time.
If the problem can not, I suggest that you can put to HM adhesive inside the place a little polish, the roughened surface, can enhance the bonding strength, then glue strengthened prepreg, heating curing like. Also note that when using carbon fiber yarn direction, you do not know what kind of prepreg carbon fiber cloth, but as long as attention to the direction of the yarn is best able to withstand the force in the direction like
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