Carbon fiber is not a mystery

Carbon fiber is not a mystery
    New carbon fiber as a material having excellent properties, has long been used in the production of sporting goods, such as sports enthusiasts known as carbon fiber rackets, fishing rods carbon fiber, carbon fiber bike, carbon fiber sports equipment.
    In the past, carbon fiber materials as military defense, aerospace and important material goods, has been in short supply, the price of natural high, domestic consumption of imported service three - which led directly to the high price of carbon fiber bike situation, high reached 5,000 yuan per kilogram. In recent years with the enhancement of carbon fiber production, including imports of carbon filament prices declining, some carbon filament current price can be as low as 150 yuan per kilogram.
    With the cost of materials widely used in the market gradually decreased, but the production process of carbon fiber bicycle complex, requiring handmade also directly determines the cost of the product is difficult to not be obvious straight down in the short term. It is understood that a carbon fiber bicycle frame steel molds normally takes consumed tooling costs several hundred thousand dollars to the cost of each product on the share is much higher than on ordinary products. In addition, the need to produce a carbon fiber bicycle frame carbon fiber sheet of about 800 pieces, one by one according to need to design the layout of the order and the size of the stack, very human consumption. Products throughout the entire molding process is currently guided by experienced staff of professional engineers, shop materials individually handmade. The whole process is like creating "Swiss Seiko watches" rigorous and professional.
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