What are the advantages of carbon fiber

What are the advantages of carbon fiber bike
    More lightweight carbon fiber bike is a clear advantage. Because carbon fiber bicycle frame, wheels relative chrome molybdenum steel, aluminum and other materials more lightweight bike, a carbon fiber road bike weighs only 6-8 kilograms, while the carbon fiber mountain bike weight generally only 8-12 kg. 2013 exhibition on display in Shanghai bicycle bike lightweight Need only 4.8 kg. Such products into the international arena, the players naturally conducive to the creation of a better record.
    Another advantage is the rigidity of carbon fiber bicycle. Simply put, carbon fiber, stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum and corrosion-resistant. Its density is less than 1/4 of the steel, but it is the strength of seven times to 9 times that of steel, carbon fiber resin composite material is also higher than the tensile strength of steel. Therefore, the carbon fiber product is not easy bending deformation, so that the carbon fiber bicycle frame has the advantage of other metal materials elusive. To many who feel the experience is that every step of the stampede are fully converted into forward momentum, the carbon fiber frame is not deformed, but do not vent force.
    Carbon fiber bike there is an obvious advantage, that is shock absorbing performance is very good. The experience of those in the riding, the carbon fiber frame can absorb the shock came from all directions of the force and moment of impact, greatly enhanced riding comfort.
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