Carbon fiber bicycle market prospects

Carbon fiber bicycle market prospects
    It is understood that China as early as the 20th century, the sixties and seventies began research of carbon fiber, almost simultaneously with the world. But early research and development of carbon fiber is mainly focused on military defense, aerospace, transportation and other sensitive sectors, civil carbon fiber technology with the world's other developed countries is relatively backward.
    In recent years China has made great progress in carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing and research and development. According to industry experts pointed out that the carbon fiber bicycle wheels production, there is a critical technology is to be resistant to high temperatures. Carbon fiber rim brakes are the most critical areas and local contact with the rim, when the high-speed downhill bicycle brake temperatures can reach 200 degrees, if not solve the high temperature technology in the bicycle race will be a lot of accidents. I understand that China's current carbon fiber rims temperature performance has been very good, Xiamen Hongji Albert produced the highest possible anti-wheels 260 degree heat, they produce bicycle wheel in the Tour de France is also popular with players praise.
    Industry experts point out key technical points carbon fiber frame is to solve the problem of the inner wall of the folds, which is to ensure the hardness and strength. At present, some domestic enterprises combined with advanced technology through continuous research and development, testing, research has found a cost-effective solution. This also means that in the near future, carbon fiber bike will have a wider range of people.
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