Carbon fiber bike only five or six kilog

Have you seen the lighter weight than ordinary bicycle twice as much carbon fiber bike? Yesterday, in the eighth on the 6th Northeast Asia Expo hall, there is a beautiful and delicate Sport bike, in addition to a small number of parts, bicycle frame and wheels made of carbon fiber by the whole body, only fifty-six kg weight, an adult or even just two fingers you can easily lift it.

"Carbon fiber bike weight is not only lighter than twice than ordinary bike is lighter than it is now on the market the newest double aluminum bike." According to the carbon fiber bike exhibitors introduced, people riding this car a foot down, the full force will act on the wheels, the car will not generate excessive weight loss, you will feel very light. Faced with the problem we are concerned about the price of a new car, and now the domestic bicycle enthusiasts buy carbon fiber bikes are mostly produced in Taiwan or South, expensive several million, as well as a hundred thousand dollars, and the car developed by enterprises in the province production of carbon fiber bicycle, the sales price from a few thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars.

According to reports, the company will be producing a public popularity and the professional use of bicycles. In its own carbon rod working ability of the premise, the use of its own production of carbon fiber as raw material, the cost can be much lower, more competitive on the market. At the same time, it has registered its own brand for the upcoming mass production bike, expected sales revenue of over billion. In addition, the new car production but also to attract more bicycle accessories companies stationed zone, strong tension.
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