Value of carbon fiber bicycle wheels

Macrocyclic televised game screen, you can see the riders carbon wheel, tire tube top aluminum wheels carbon wheels, carbon wheels and carbon wheel --Racing 0 Shamal and the like, although when found, but has been extremely rare. In the circle of the common people, many manufacturers claim that carbon knife can significantly save your power to improve your score.

This is where the value of carbon wheel? Its value worthy of its price?

Chatting among riders always wander upgrade equipment and equipment, and many times the topic is always transferred to the upgraded wheel group. In fact, more and more fans think, for a pair of wheels or a change than a change of kit can be something more to improve their athletic performance. There is an inappropriate analogy: Many fans feel that the road car wheels is the car's engine.

The performance of the major wheel plant in the past decade booming, I guess not unrelated many riders impulsivity upgraded wheels. At the top of the pyramid of the carbon fiber wheels to expand market was particularly notable. They called can greatly save time and power to help drivers get better results - as if as long as another pair of carbon knife, your car fitted with a nitrogen acceleration. In this respect, carbon wheel "price" is really quite high. Especially the high-end market is now close to saturation, the more affordable carbon fiber wheels have begun to compress down living space aluminum alloy wheel group. I do not know will not like aluminum wheels aluminum frame, as the market gradually compressed to the bottom until the fade out, but I do not think there is no chance. 15 years ago, the drivers believe that large-scale carbon fiber frame can not be universal, because the carbon fiber material is too expensive, there is no proof of performance in the contest, unreliable. but now

The world's top Lightweight Obermayer, the same top price
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