Advantages of carbon fiber bicycle rim p

Another advantage of carbon fibers is that it can be molded into precision molds of various shapes. With the help of hydrodynamic model, computer simulations and real wind tunnel test, the round shape of the carbon can do limit the ability of manufacturers. Propaganda breaking wind and wind resistance is now the main direction of marketing carbon wheel, and these capabilities can be sorted by quantitative data, so before you decide to buy, you can be very visually compare air resistance and other properties of each type of wheel.
A typical wind tunnel test chart, note that wind between 10 ° -15 ° Most wheels can be minimized wind resistance, rather than in all directions to the wind can be very low resistance. Bontrager 2011 data from years of research

With carbon fiber rims or even the whole set of wheels, you can achieve a very high stiffness to weight ratio. We all know the characteristics of carbon fiber frame: it can be very hard in one direction, very high rigidity. Carbon wheels usually do very high rigidity, thus reducing the required number of spokes.

Carbon fiber wheels carbon frame and compared to other parts of its material requirements more stringent, top carbon wheel will be extensive use of carbon fiber to uplift M40 above grade rigid, and generally the pursuit of a carbon wheel T800 is basically dominated. At the same time, carbon fiber wheels are relatively less care about strength. See what are the outcomes after hitting dog LightWeight it ......

At the same time, due to manufacturing methods in the production of aluminum frame can not guarantee complete roundness and no yaw, but high-quality carbon fiber rims can achieve this, so that the spoke tension more evenly, higher quality wheels. Therefore, the carbon fiber wheel set on the track easily overwhelm the aluminum is taken for granted.

This is one reason why the price of expensive carbon fiber rim ...... their yield is still not particularly high, and therefore there will be first, second, Third or Fourth article ......

Very light, very high aerodynamic resistance, very high rigidity weight ratio, when athletic performance as the primary consideration, the carbon fiber wheels obviously very valuable. But why, many people still think of carbon fiber wheels "too expensive"?
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