Short board carbon fibers

Ultrahigh carbon wheel frame may provide an aerodynamic advantage, but in the complex environment of the wind, it could significantly affect the handling of the vehicle. Obviously this wheel application range is relatively narrow. In addition, manufacturers often promise a set of wheels can reduce the number of resistance, but this is not a universal value claims. The minimum wind resistance a lot of wheel set between 10 ° -15 °, once the wind beyond this range - for example, you took a turn - drag may suddenly become larger, which also may cause trouble on the control. I do not doubt the authenticity and validity of the wind tunnel test aerodynamic. But in the real world, how they occur utility?

Through strict control variables, researchers have established a perfect environment to measure drag, in this environment is a constant wind speed and direction, which in turn means that changes in wind speed and direction could significantly affect the results of measurements. In other words, the gap between the various brands of wheel air resistance is so small that they can only be measured in a highly controlled environment. These data are measured on wheel group itself, without considering the situation when the wheel is mounted to the car later. Bontrager do their studies in a top TT frame (Well, Cech trouble cards) and their wheels together drag test, the conclusion is still the change in the wind will greatly affect wind resistance. Therefore, the so-called aerodynamic advantage in reality, it is impossible to reach the theoretical performance. This is a more idealized model.

As slag slag a crane tail, Sajia FTP 240w, peak 5min (called VO2MAX estimate) 285w, but the masses represents able to clear perceive the same 50 boxes high wheel, wide circle (AEOLUS 5 D3) and a narrow circle ( qUICK RT50) at 38-39 per hour difference to fast heartbeat can jump 10 ...... not to mention the gap between high and low box 50 round box less than 30 ...... but between the various brands of pneumatic wide circle absolutely no difference different laboratory-grade, that's for sure.
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