Carbon fiber composite materials in the

Before we explore the topic yet, of course, need to introduce what is a composite material? What is carbon fiber? Brief description of the composite material is composed of two or more different materials properties, physical manner together. Its mechanical properties after bonding will have excellent performance, and compared with the original nature of a single material more superior, and which resin base polymer composites are widely used at present in the composite material. For example, the aerospace industry's requirements in the first light, strong. Then the characteristics of the fiber composite material that is "lighter than aluminum, stronger than steel," to this end, fiber composite materials are widely used in aerospace engineering. So what is it carbon fiber? In materials science, any kind of material, such as metal polymer, or ceramic materials, the production ratio of the diameter and length become in 1: 1000 of the shape, called fibrous material. I simply say that it is like you are wearing clothing the same, just different material only. Carbon fiber is 90% higher than the overall carbon fibers. The excellent performance of carbon fiber both elemental carbon, such as the proportion of small, heat resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance and electrical conductivity, etc., there may be about fiber and excellent mechanical properties. In particular, its high specific strength and specific modulus, under anaerobic conditions, can withstand high temperature 2000 ℃, is an important industrial fiber materials suitable for use as reinforced composites, ablative material and insulation.
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