What is the nature of carbon fiber?

PAN carbon fiber and composite material has the following characteristics. Wherein the fiber axis direction in parentheses carbon fiber characteristics.
(1) when compared to metals, low density (1.7-2.0g / cm3), light;
(2) high modulus (200-650GPa), high rigidity;
(3) high intensity (3-7GPa);
(4) fatigue strength;
(5) abrasion resistance, excellent lubricity;
(6) excellent vibration damping;
(7) thermal expansion coefficient (0 ~ -1.1 × 106K-1), good dimensional stability;
(8) having a thermal conductivity (10-160Wm-1K-1);
(9) in an inert gas, excellent heat resistance;
(10) having a conductive (17-5uΩ · m);
(11) of an electromagnetic wave shield;
(12) X-ray transmission is excellent;
(13) belong to a variety of conductive materials can be designed for the purpose of an appropriate structure.
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