Introduction of carbon fiber use

Like polymer of carbon fiber (Carbon Fiber) can act as a fishing rod, golf club heads, bicycle frame, bicycle parts or equipment for the flight. Another example is the polymer carat fibrous material such as Kevlar body armor used carat fibers; fibers have metal material such as stainless steel fibers used for electromagnetic shielding; another material such as ceramic fiber, the fiber used in electronic information. These cutting-edge high-tech and sophisticated fiber materials, through high-level processing, made of fiber composite materials or secondary yuan and three yuan structure, we can create more and more important areas and applications. Such as: the area of transport, terms of medical materials, building construction, and sports and leisure, Aerospace and other aspects. These uses polymer fiber composites by creating new areas of people's lives, opening up new horizons, bringing life of convenience. Basically polymer fiber composite material is a popular product of science and technology, the use of a wide range of I in your daily life has become indispensable.
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