Carbon fiber bicycle manufacturing princ

He said a lot of professional terms, it is hard to imagine that in the end is how the fibers so hard and soft materials into products and services. Now we will be more in-depth discussion of its process and production methods, so that the carbon fiber is more understanding of how to make the bike parts.
Generally carbon fiber used in the bicycle industry has two different production methods for a winding, one is thermoforming. Next, we will discuss each of these two different processing methods. Filament winding technology can be regarded as composite structures product development of the earliest and most mature a working method. Tube also be referred to roll forming, this method is to do a bicycle frame tubing covered the pipe, the pipe, tube, and so the triangle Jieke making. (However, the amount of deformation of the pipe is too large, such as S-type or T-type, due to limited technology required to release before thermoforming production.)
Filament winding method is sand-impregnated continuous fiber bundle resin (Roving), according to a preset path (angle), so that the fiber bundle in the winding angle setting, the rapid and accurate sequentially side by side mandrel (Mandrel) or until it covers the entire mandrel mold (mold), while designed to achieve the desired thickness, and then resin-hardening (curing), stripping and other procedures to be finished.
Another is hot pressing: it partakers of solid and hollow two approaches, its filament winding process and is substantially the same, except that it's hollow mandrel is substituted bags blow, and change takes pressure forming. This molding process for a number of special-shaped objects, or large deformation of objects, or large objects, which is substantially similar to the method of making chicken cake. In principle, two different manufacturing process produces products must be more favorable than the mechanical properties of the original single material for fatigue resistance and impact resistance improvement has a significant effect considered successful alternative materials. In fact, as early as the research and development of composite material 1940 it has been formed, and its main purpose is to replace wood as its alternatives (because the relationship between environmental protection does not encourage deforestation reclamation) was still in glass / polymer composite material for the Lord, to the 1960s, carbon fiber / polymer composite material was gradually replaced wood and alloy, become yachts, automotive, aerospace and other essential materials, in recent years because of global warming, conservation of forests has become a global problem, polymer composite materials to replace wood will be more thoroughly executed, so the development of complex material is to replace the existing plant and mineral processing products, and exhibits superior resistance and physical properties. But science and technology is always just science and technology, although it replaced the wood and metal, but created a new issue of environmental protection. Because many polymer composites like carbon fiber, fiber, etc. are all carat Millennium immortal years does not rot. We can imagine whether our planet can accommodate so much junk science and technology, as well as our children and grandchildren how they would come to this popular science and technology to clean up their environmental problems caused. For example, the current technology still can not effectively solve the environmental problems caused by plastic materials, not to mention the current polymer composites has not yet been loaded onto the desktop environmentalists to discuss and to speak out against.
In fact, not only glass fibers, carbon fibers, fibers and carat are all environmentally harmful. 1967 boron fiber and PEEK fibers 1980s (oh sorry I have not seen this stuff) are all hurt the environment. 6 million tonnes - a recent study data show that annual global production of polymer composites from about 550. Now we know that they can Pale Ba!
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