Carbon fiber mountain bike price 190,000

Carbon fiber mountain bike price 190,000 yuan vehicle weight 10 kg

In ancient fiction, martial arts hero Ferghana BMW, worth hundreds of million ounces of silver, and you can imagine, a bike, there are nearly 190 000 worth it?

Yesterday, the world's top bicycle brand "Lightning" opened in Wuhan, the first concept store, where a "Dragon successor" bicycle price reached 189,900, this price can buy a midsize sedan, is currently on the market the most expensive River City of a bicycle.

A bicycle, why so expensive? The bike in the "Ferrari", you are willing to pay to buy it?

The world's only 25, with the materials to build the Boeing 747

Yesterday 9:00, the reporter arrived at the nearby Hubei University's "Lightning" concept store, where two or three hundred people have gathered, mostly bike "enthusiasts." "Already we know the brand, but this bicycle Ferrari ah!" Listen circle of people say, "Lightning" shop in Wuhan, Wang came from Hankou came "to see the true capacity."

Reporters saw a door, a red and yellow dragon mountain bike hung in the shop wall decorations, a lot of people are queuing up and the bike photo.

"This is our price 189,900 yuan of the car, the entire body is made of carbon fiber material." Juan Wei, head of the shop introduced such materials and part of the material 747, Lamborghini used, comes from the same factory stable structure and particularly light. In addition, the car's damping systems are full of intelligent, equipped with professional computer modules using 29-inch tires it is only 25 worldwide.

Subsequently, the staff Liu from this car off the wall decoration, reporters one hand you can easily lift the vehicle. Subsequently, the clerk with a hand-held electronic scales measured and found that the car body is only 10 kilograms.

Juan Wei told reporters, "Lightning" mainstream brand products priced at 10,000 yuan, there are some entry-level products priced at 4,000 yuan, the average consumer can afford to buy. Reporters in the shop found the lowest price a car where children bike, priced at 890 yuan.

No professional insurance, there are no special security means

Bicycle theft is not news, scene of many bike "fans" the most discussed is not how expensive the car, but this car is how to theft. "Astronomical" bicycle theft you have any special way?

The answer is no way to rely on their good care. Reporters saw, "Lightning" bike and most ordinary bicycles, there is no built-locks, consumers need to buy their own.

"Normally this kind of expensive bicycles, meaning little travel, mostly to participate in activities and extreme sports use." Lake of Wuhan Li Wei Network Technology moderator introduced, this "high price" Cycling general separation of people and vehicles will not, do not easily placed outdoors, it will be very easy to lose.

Last Christmas, there is a price on "Lightning" bike lost cause hot news online, Guangxi Americans Gary lost a value of 32000 "flash" bicycle, police spent 26 days time to find the car back.

Local insurance companies, said the "high price" bicycles, there is no professional insurance can be purchased.

"If only pure collections available, you can follow along with the family property insurance." Yong'an Insurance Company account manager Liu Bin introduced, if the value of more than one million, you can apply to insurance companies customized products, but hundreds of thousands of items is difficult, even Insurance companies are willing to do, the premium will be very expensive.

Play car over a million people, not selling more expensive bikes

189,900 yuan price enough to buy a midsize sedan, so "astronomical" bicycle, someone buy it?

Reporters learned that the "high price" bike aimed primarily increasingly large bike "fans." Wuhan is large and small riding club about more than 100, more than 10,000 people related lovers, schoolchildren from eight or nine to 60-year-old retiree, there are all kinds of people.

Whether road cycling team, or off-road enthusiasts, buy equipment, it is an essential element involved in this activity. Some "fans" would like to change the car, create their own "chariot."

80 Wuhan guy into play car has been king for five years, Ins and Outs spent more than 100,000 yuan. Wang Jin introduced, he bought a total of 10 vehicles, including the most expensive to buy from a modification to spend more than 50,000 yuan, add up all the money to play cars can buy a compact sedan.

Currently, in addition to ordinary people's daily bike ride brands such as Giant, Merida, the Canon Dell, Trek and other high-end brands have been in the Chinese agents, Yáng in Hankou, Wuchang Friendship Avenue, Optics Valley and other places has been formed gathering market, according to industry estimates, annual consumption of bicycle-related products has exceeded billion.

Although the market is hot, but expensive bicycle in Wuhan market has not yet formed climate. "I'm a big brand agency, selling yuan more than the high-priced bicycles is not much that last year was sold more than 50 units." Dealers engaged in business for many years, Wuhan Jie (a pseudonym). On the contrary, in the end some of the most popular brands of high-end products, "such as Giant priced at 3000-5000 yuan products, buyers have more than doubled this year."
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