2016 China pitch-based carbon fiber indu

I. Overview of pitch-based carbon fiber
Pitch-based carbon fiber is a petroleum bitumen or coal tar as raw material, refined asphalt, spinning, pre-oxidation, carbonization or graphitization prepared carbon content greater than 92% of specialty fibers. Because of its high strength, high modulus, high temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-fatigue, anti-creep, etc., excellent electrical and thermal performance, the aerospace industry is an indispensable engineering material, and the other in the transportation, machinery, sports, entertainment, leisure goods, health care and civil engineering aspects are also widely used, it is a part of dual-use high-tech fibers.

Second, the pitch-based carbon fiber global development overview
Study petroleum pitch-based carbon fiber began in the 1950s, the late 1960s industrialization in Japan. In 1970 the Japanese company Kureha Chemical Technology built 10t / month scale general level pitch-based carbon fiber short silk production unit on the basis of the work on Otani fir Lang. Union Carbide in 1970 to develop a petroleum pitch as a raw material pitch-based carbon fiber, 1976, prepared by high-performance pitch-based carbon fiber, and built a 240t / a production plant scale, in 1982 put into industrialization. September 1987 Mitsubishi Kasei built 500t / high performance pitch-based carbon fibers is a means, marking the pitch-based carbon fiber is a new stage in the transition to industrialization. 20th century, the world annual production capacity of pitch-based carbon fibers reached 500 tons. Since then, the world and actively carry out applied research pitch-based carbon fiber, not only improves performance, but also developed many new varieties, such as low modulus, medium modulus type, aerospace grade carbon fiber.

Third, the Chinese pitch-based carbon fiber development survey
R & D of pitch-based carbon fibers from the 1980s, from the original Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Coal Chemistry, later extended to a number of research units such as the Tianjin University and Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Recently added Donghua University, East China University of Technology, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Hunan University and Tianjin University, and affiliated companies in the oil and Shenhua Beijing Low Carbon Research Institute, a number of other units have also carried out some more or less theoretical research.
For various reasons, the level of R & D in terms of pitch-based carbon fiber than in other countries there is a big gap between the general level of the pitch-based carbon fiber industry has just completed its own technology devices, high-performance pitch-based carbon fiber is still in the development stage, continuous intermediate phase pitch-based carbon fiber production technology is still being developed, and reasonable stability of products and equipment to go through long-term accumulation of technology.

Fourth, China pitch-based carbon fiber competitors analysis
Research and development of pitch-based carbon fibers earlier, but in the development, production and foreign compared to a larger gap. China from the 20th century, since the mid-1990s, only a long-term carbon fiber Anshan Senuo Da Ltd., a company producing pitch-based carbon fibers. In recent years, Sichuan, Shandong, Hunan and other places have started companies to establish production line.

Fifth, China pitch-based carbon market prospects
In the current environment of low-carbon economy, emerging markets cars, wind turbine blades and pressure vessels, and other products gradually rise. Despite the global economic downturn, demand for high-performance carbon fibers continues to heat up in the global aerospace, industrial, sports and leisure goods and other areas of the market share every year.
With the support of a number of national policy, China's carbon fiber industry from scratch, industrial scale and technical level have been greatly improved, applications continue to expand. Pitch-based carbon fibers are mesophase pitch as a raw material, the formation of a new industrial-grade industrial materials, the most suitable for the insulation, automotive brakes, construction, environmental materials, etc., are widely used in many fields in the future. Commercial Industrial Research Institute is expected in 2021, China's demand for pitch-based carbon fiber will reach 645 tons.
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