Cycling Association announced the world'

Cycling Association announced the world's top ten sports exercise bike brands list

With China's rapid economic development, people have enough to live comfortably is increasingly plagued by their own health problems. Due to the high fat, high calorie, high sugar, high cholesterol intake and long-term lack of reasonable fitness and irregular lifestyle, unhealthy brought many negative security risks. Sub-health, obesity, stroke, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gout, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases, a series of unknowingly came to the door, and the body always threatening people's health and life. These diseases rarity from a few decades ago, is now becoming a common disease, diseases of affluence, social disease. These diseases and health problems always troubled people every day, "Life is movement," the truth again verified and interpretation. Today, the importance of health has been self-evident, become the biggest concern, "bicycle" as a green, low carbon, environmental protection, health has been synonymous with continued popularity. Cycling around the world is rising, and Yuyan heat, because more people are beginning to realize that a good bike can bring, what we are most eager to have: a happy mood, healthy body.

Bicycle, also known as a bicycle or bicycle, usually two of the small land vehicles. The benefits of riding a bicycle? Cycling is one of the most heart and lung function can improve people's endurance aerobic exercise. Biking regimen to lose weight, improve physical fitness, enhance immunity, longevity has been recognized worldwide.


So let Xiaobian for you to share official reprint Bicycle Industry Association announced the top ten most expensive brands in the world of cycling sports and fitness bike brands on the list of those bars.

Nicolai Nicola

Nicolai (Nicholas), the king of the world after the shock of aluminum mountain bike racks, has been committed to manufacturing top handmade aluminum bicycles. CNC machining technology worthy of the peak, painting bold bright colored Chen bike industry, made no secret of his ambition. Ultra-high strength and excellent performance has always been proud Nicolai frame core ho.


Marmot Groundhog

MARMOT Chinese name woodchuck, commonly known as marmots. MARMOT Groundhog co-founded by the US high-end bicycle brand CANNONDALE former president and others, called the Ferrari bicycle industry. MARMOT Groundhog Bicycle Company is the world's top bicycle manufacturer, is one of the world's production of the most professional sports bike bicycle brand. MARMOT Groundhog as the world's 27.5 inch / 650B bike originators known.


Colnago Plum

In 1944, Ernesto colnago experienced after 12 years of work dealership, the initiation of the idea of ​​manufacturing their own frame, so with the manufacture of pure Italian Colnago frame in the world. The brand's founder Ernesto colnago hope he can become a global brand in the cycling world ace, so choose a plum logo, until today, Colnago plum already is a globally recognized symbol of plum Colnago is known to produce steel by hand .

Tyrell Taylor

TYRELL Taylor is a brand name TYRELL (Taylor) German cyclist founded in 1912, represents the highest bicycle repairer process industry. Always low-key TYRELL, but it is nearly a hundred years of history. TYRELL classic handmade products mainly based on the superb design and excellent performance represents an unparalleled, mainly sold to truly understand what is best for those who bike.

        Look Locke

France LOOK a familiar name. English word as a brand name of the French company that produces top carbon fiber bicycle, the production line in France and Asia. LOOK to design carbon fiber frame renowned. One of the biggest differences in the frame tube and back tube angle is 72.5 degrees. Usually the frame is more in between 73 to 74 degrees, the biggest advantage of this design is giving BB a position to move forward. So that the rider when climbing the slope can easily save.

Pinarello Pina Guerriero

Giovanni Pinarello When he was 17 years old began to participate in the youth group of the competition. Giovanni's dream was soon realized, his passion has earned him numerous victories. In 1947, as an amateur, with more than 60 pieces get awards, he became a professional rider bicycle industry. 1953 won five key industry awards made him a high-profile bike professional riders. At the end of his cycling career on the occasion, another passion of Giovanni and ignite realized -PINARELLO brand bicycles.

Storck Stora g

STORCK in 1995, founded by MARKUS STORCK, has been committed to manufacturing top bike. The use of high-tech and low-key painting has been STORCK most attractive qualities. Ultra high strength to weight ratio has always been STORCK frame features.

Ellsworth Ice Worth

One of America's top three brands, almost all handmade frame, with downhill and all-mountain bike famous. History handmade bicycles began like many of today's success stories, where the founder is a passionate hobby, started the business out of the family garage. Their downhill and all-mountain bikes are second to none.

De Rosa De Luosha

Since 1953, the studio in Milan, Italy, a group of perfect focus artisans, hand-full of art, so that became the heart-shaped trademark brand of quality assurance in the area of ​​the bicycle. In the ultimate "road car" repairer craft spirit, De Rosa has always been to get better, more beautiful, more durable, adhere to create outstanding repairer philosophy, interpreted as impeccable road car beauty, which is derived from exquisite handmade arts Milan, Italy.

SantaCruz Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz was once one of America's top three brands, the high-end bicycle brand founded by Rob Roskopp and rich Novak in 1993. It has become an outstanding representative of the whole mountain bike.

World's top ten brands ranked above bicycle bike brand products are high-performance and top-known in the world is not blind pursuit of sales. Products to meet part of cycling enthusiasts and the pursuit of the best bike for the demands of the crowd, so although these top brand in the mass of consumers is not high, but they are definitely value for money, amateur and professional game and fitness leisure the best selection of products.

Low-carbon, environmental protection, green and healthy today, you still indulge in car brings comfort inert elements of it? Only if we really aware of the importance of health and exercise, aware of the enormous benefits of cycling brings, we believe that we can gain a better, more healthy and happy tomorrow!

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