Groundhog MARMOT: Titanium bicycle bike

Groundhog MARMOT: Titanium bicycle bike a lot more expensive than carbon fiber

With the changing times, the domestic consumer market has also ushered in a new round of upgrades, Language under this environment, century-old bicycle industry has come to a crossroads of transformation and upgrading. Environmental, health, recreation, athletics become the new consumer demand, and bicycle travel function is slowly being eliminated by the market, the traditional bicycle travel market gradually showing a sluggish trend, higher value-added, more functional high-end bicycle market It has become a trend.

Advantages of carbon fiber bicycle is obvious, the selection of high-end, light weight, speed, strength, and its product features to meet the current market demand, and thus was a great opportunity for development. But disappointing is that carbon fiber bike itself hardness and strength problems seriously affected the long-term healthy development of carbon fiber bicycle market.


Due to the high real good carbon fiber bike costs, but once the user accidentally fall down or hit a car, the entire frame is likely to be scrapped and can not be repaired, even though some may be able to repair the frame, but even more than the cost of repair higher costs to buy a new frame. So carbon fiber bike from the start since the birth of the race is born, though expensive, but a lot of weight really lighter than aluminum, can achieve good results played a lot of help for the game players, so even broke behind there major sponsor support pocket, because the sponsors see is results, is advertising. With carbon fiber technology continues to mature, the market prices are declining more slowly civilian, generalization, a lot of people who love cycling can buy what you want carbon fiber bike.

As aerospace grade titanium alloy because of its raw materials to obtain the relative carbon fiber is much more difficult manufacturing process requirements are more demanding, so the sales price a lot more expensive than carbon fiber. And because of its strength and hardness are far beyond the carbon fiber material, making titanium bicycle sought after and love for many European and American elites.


Because there are too many titanium material itself is a huge advantage, but more complex process demanding so rare titanium bike become more identity and status of the human pursuit of fitness, to borrow the world's top road car brand MARMOT soil woodchuck head of China's words: "in this case, we are more optimistic about the future development of titanium bike it is greater than the advantages of carbon fiber bike, but Chinese consumers also need an understanding and acceptance of the process, I believe. after long period of development, titanium bicycle market will continue to expand. "


From the point of view of market development potential. Titanium and carbon fiber bike bicycle belong to the category of high-end bicycles, and therefore have the potential and development space is great, titanium bike can also meet the needs of the upgraded and more high-end consumer market elites.

From the current development point of view. Carbon fiber bike fish market, flooded with fakes, greatly reducing the sense of security and trust of consumers. Although titanium bicycle market awareness is not high, but since the titanium material itself, more than the great advantages of carbon fiber products, this awareness is through time to make, and it will not be a serious impediment to long-term development of.


Product advantages from the point of view. Titanium is widely used in aviation and aerospace technology in the field of high-performance materials, light weight, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. It is the top manufacturing bicycle frame material, all metallic materials, only titanium along with a high-strength, low density, low modulus of elasticity, excellent resistance to fatigue and corrosion resistance, it is far better carbon fiber bicycle. In addition, unlike irreparable carbon fiber bike, once broken it means a total loss, and titanium bicycle Because of its high strength, is generally extremely difficult to break, even if the fall, but also generally in welding site, after welding can continue to use the same. Titanium belongs to the super high-end metal material and machining process is extremely complicated, which is why it is the main reason for high price.

In summary, the future market value of the popularity of small series that titanium bike is very large, very broad prospects for development. Taking into account the status of the development of carbon fiber bicycle market and product characteristics and other issues in the future, titanium bicycle market development acceleration beyond the possibility of carbon fiber bike is very large.
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