British Robot Introduces 3D printing per

Traditional carbon fiber mountain bike frame usually use the same mold cast out, which makes owning a tailor-made mountain biking has become very difficult. The British company launched a full bike Robot hanging R160 chassis is made of carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber tube then use these custom 3D printed titanium tube fittings (Lug) coupled together, successfully overcome this drawback.

UK Robot introduce personalized hanging 3D printing frame

Initially, customers simply tell Robot Bicycles their size and the type of riding you want. Frame will use this information to design, casing and the angle determines the geometry personalized frame. These sleeves can be printed with the 3D printer, the printing process can be selectively laser melting titanium metal powder, in a continuous laminate of these tube fittings manufactured.

Once the well casing joints, carbon fiber pipe will be cut according to size, and then a titanium metal casing together. The end result is a carbon, titanium frame combination, uniquely fit every buyer. It is reported that such a complete custom bike weighs about 29 lbs (13 kg), depending on the specific equipment vary.

If you buy a post of their own R160 (only frame) are interested, please wait four weeks after submitting the order, but also pay 4395 pounds (about 42,000 yuan). If you are more interested in road cycling, you can also follow the company BastionCycles bike from Australia launched RoadDisc bike with similar manufacturing process.
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