Inventory of the world's 10 largest astr

Price: $ 12,500

Dutch sports car manufacturer Saab is now Spyker-- all - a need for support staff with the team on the track, transportation, vehicle spare parts, so they asked bike manufacturer Koga production can represent Spyker brand products. The result is: body frame titanium, carbon fiber wheels. Rear hub built 14 gear. Which bike produced only 50, each priced at $ 12,500. Because of the number of rare, existing value may have been far higher than this.
9.GoldenBrompton folding bike
Price: $ 75

GoldenBrompton folding bike
To produce the bike Environmental Transport Association of British Insurers (EnvironmentalTransportationAssociation, referred to ETA) said it valued at $ 7,500, is probably the world's most expensive folding bike. As a lottery prize, ETA will bike sprayed with gold paint. If you want to find a more reasonably-priced high-end folding bikes, consider Mercedes recently produced a bike, priced at $ 1,750.
8.Aurumania bike gold
Price: US $ 25,000

Aurumania bike gold
For those who like gold-plated inlay crystal bike instead of people, Aurumania also offers bike gold, the price is lower than the number of crystal bike. The bicycle wheels and other components by hand polished aluminum, the only place is decorated with crystals on the tube section to blind Written spell out "Aurumania" word.
Price: $ 30,000

British car parts manufacturer Beru F1 race for the production of a variety of spare parts. It will also use its technology to a carbon fiber bike. Factor001 bike is equipped with a LCD touch screen monitors can display bicycle parts, the surrounding environment and even the rider information dozen sensors, can help the rider to adjust its posture and improve efficiency.
6.KGS custom bike
Price: up to $ 32,000

KGS custom bike
Adjust the seat, pedals and handle your bike can almost meet your needs. Almost, which it is not enough for Kevin Saunders. Sanders KGS company will invite customers to the company's headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas, spent three hours measured data and the customer's body for cycling style, then located in Beverly, Massachusetts ParleeCycles factory customize the bike finished. The highest price of $ 32,000.
5.Montante luxury Gold Series bikes
Price: $ 46,000

Montante luxury Gold Series bikes
Who do not want the high fashion crumple but have tens of thousands of dollars Ladies of spare cash to spend, the Italian bicycle manufacturer Montante able to meet their requirements. Luxury Gold Series bikes coated with 24K gold, enjoy the various components upside 11,000 Swarovski crystals, as well as leather seats, handles and motors.
4.TrekMadone7 drilling bike
Price: $ 75,000

TrekMadone7 drilling bike
In 2005, when it obtained seven consecutive Tour de France of its record in Lance Armstrong, Trek production Madone5.9 bike, decorated with 100 white diamonds, and seven artificial logo on the front of the car to create one karat diamond. Car unique bike at a charity auction at a price of $ 75,000 deal.
3.Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike
Price: $ 101,000

Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike
French company Aurumania production is sparkling bicycles: Bike Crystal Edition Gold priced at $ 101,000, with a gold-plated body frame, tires and spokes, and another 600 Swarovski crystals. If anyone doubts this bike is just a status symbol to flaunt their noble words, Aurumania also sells for about $ 6,000 gold-plated stents bike.
Price: $ 200,000

In the aforementioned charity auction at the meeting, Trek sold a total of $ 800,000 worth of other design by world-renowned artists, as Armstrong used in the main events over the bike. In addition to $ 500,000 for "Butterfly" Madone, but also includes: TrekSpeedConcepttimetrial bicycle by the Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara (YoshitomoNara) design. Armstrong used the car in the Tour de France 18th stage race. Collectibles price carbon fiber car sold for $ 200,000.
1. "Butterfly" TrekMadone
Price: $ 500,000

"Butterfly" TrekMadone
Last year, a few months after the end of the Tour de France, Armstrong in the 21-day ride through the final stages of the game Avenue Champs TrekMadoneroad bicycles, conducted the auction at Sotheby's auction house held in cancer charity auction. Car carbon fiber bike is not only the world's only a 70-consecutive championship horse, but also by the artist Damien Hirst (DamienHirst) decorated on the design, the car frame is sparkling, clear coat genuine butterfly wings . PETA (PeoplefortheEthicalTreatmentofAnimals) bike will be described as "horrific barbarism." This is perhaps the most expensive in the history of the bicycle.
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